Since our inception, The Medallion Wealth has been totally
focused on building sustainable above-average investment returns for our partners.

We are a Singapore and Australia based private equity firm. Specialises in buy-outs, real estate, and US public equities. Seeking to deliver superior long-term returns for our clients through complex and comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research, analysis and a deep understanding of the market and the economic system.  


Andrew J. Ezekiel

Managing Partner and Principal Investment Lending Manager

Mr Ezekiel has over 12 years of extensive experience in banking, finance and equity markets in Australia and the United States. His specialties are US equities and Australian real estate.


Mr Ezekiel's strong understanding of the economy and the financial market have given him a perspective that enabled the firm to outperform the investment industry's average by a wide margin while keeping a minimum risk exposure. 

Prior to Medallion Wealth, Mr Ezekiel held various leadership roles in one of Australia's leading financial institutions. Two years of working experience in the United States.


Mr Ezekiel holds a Bachelor of Business degree major in Accounting and Information Technology from University of Technology Sydney. 

Yang Nan

How Wei

Kang Qi

Senior Associate