Creating opportunities in virtually every market condition.

Private Equity

Taking a long-term and hands-on approach to partnership, we identify unique companies across the U.S., Asia, and Oceania, and help them achieve their full potential. We can assist at all stages of a company’s growth, from its inception to its international expansion, by drawing on our geography-specific experience and expert global operational resources from our private equity platforms.

E-commerce and Fintech developments and investments

We invest and actively involved in e-commerce and fintech research and development. Pioneering tech-driven products and services that will have a positive impact on communities, cause disruptions to the existing status quo and  

Hedge Fund Solutions

Benefiting from the insights and expertise of the broader platform, we invest globally across a variety of sectors and market capitalisations. Our innovative hedge fund solutions that have proven potential to achieve superior annualised returns for our investors without taking on excessive risks.

Real Estate

Our real estate platform invests thematically in high-quality assets, focusing where we see undervalued yet with outsized growth potential driven by global economic and demographic trends.

Australia Investment Lending

We have the most experienced team to find the right solution. From the first home buyer to the most experienced investor, or you’re refinancing to renovate or expanding your portfolio. Medallion has access to over 2000 financial products in Australia. Our team is committed to not just working on your strategy and structure, but to educate and assist you through the process, giving you the confidence to grow your investments and understand your commitments.

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